Piani di Clodia achieves GSTC certification

For years, the 5-star Piani di Clodia Holiday Park has been committed to implementing a sustainability plan to reduce its environmental impact.

The first milestone was recently reached with the GSTC certification, issued by the body of the same name. The Global Sustainable Tourism Council is an international NGO that promotes social responsibility and best practice in sustainable tourism. Certification is acquired when the GSTC verifies that the GSTC Criteria are met, which represent the minimum standards to fulfil for certification.

One of the steps that led Piani di Clodia to obtain this certification was the improvement of its energy efficiency, which was made possible thanks to the support of a green energy supplier. The Holiday Park has installed solar panels that have made the Borgo dei Colli bungalows energy self-sufficient. In order to promote the use of renewable resources, achieve sustainability goals, and ensure efficient management of resources, Piani di Clodia has drawn up an environmental impact monitoring chart.This chart tracks water consumption to reduce waste.

GSTC certification was also achieved thanks toinvolving staff in the implementation of the sustainability project. Piani di Clodia supports the induction of new staff with a policy aimed at the prevention of discrimination and harassment, both towards staff and guests. The Holiday Park also calls for appropriate waste management, which is already implemented in the restaurants. For all cleaning activities, both in residential units and communal areas, staff use environmentally friendly products. The Piani di Clodia Mini Market offers local and certified products (MSC, BIO, FSC) to guests, in consideration of the local area and its economy.

Sustainability implies social, environmental and economic wellbeing. This is why Piani di Clodia also contributes to several social responsibility projects, aimed at social integration and at supporting the local area and local culture. The “67 Columns for the Verona Arena” project supports theatre and music performances at the Verona amphitheatre. “From Zero to One Hundred, Paths of Life” supports the non-profit organisation “Continuando a Crescere” and the social enterprise “I Bambini delle Fate”

You too can contribute to our project and have a socially responsible, sustainable holiday!