Typical products Lake Garda

Renowned food and wine products representing the best in local culture and tradition.

A real paradise for lovers of food and wine tourism in an area rich in nature and tradition. Three Regions overlook Lake Garda with different landscape and cultural peculiarities, which influence local cuisine and wine traditions.

PDO wines (including Lugana, Custoza, Bardolino, Valpolicella, Amarone and Soave), highly prized extra-virgin olive oil, which boasts DOP certification, freshwater fish (lavaret, lake trout, sarda, lake carp) and polenta have all earned themselves a place of honour on italian tables and around the world. Garda gastronomy has also recently rediscovered other prized products, including truffles, as well as asparagus and radicchio, which is much sought after by connoisseurs.

Verona proudly claims as its offspring the Pandoro, a national delight produced by historic companies such as Melegatti, Bauli and Paluani, as well as two other delicacies: the "sbrisolona" cake and the delicate "sfogliatine". Here is a tantalizing roundup of traditional dishes that you can enjoy in the many restaurants and agriturismos in the area: boiled meat with "pearà" (a local sauce made with breadcrumbs, broth and pepper), "pastissada de caval" (horsemeat stew cooked in wine), gnocchi, tortellini, risotto with radicchio, pike and polenta.